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Gaia’s Preserved Organic Lemons or Limes

Preserved Meyer lemons can be used to add extra zest to your salads, targines or fish and chicken dishes. With a light hint of orange flavour and the tang of aromatic salt, it will add the magic to your dishes that will be the envy of friends. Remove the pith and add diced rind to your dishes. 500gm


Ingredients: Organic Meyer lemons, purified water, iodised salt.


Preserved Limes are traditionally used in North African and Middle Eastern cuisines. Gaia grown limes are preserved in an aromatic salt which we like to use in Moroccan tagines. With the pith removed the rind can be diced and added to salads, dressings or with fish or chicken. In Ayurvedic medicine, preserved lime are very beneficial for stomach disorders. 500gm


Ingredients: Organic limes, purified water, iodised salt.


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