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Gaia’s NEW skin care range ‘Retreatment’

With years in research and development Gaia’s new organic skin care range aptly called – Retreatment, beautifully complements the ethos of the Gaia Day Spa Packages and Signature treatments. The Retreatment brand range encapsulates the healing nature of the land truly reflecting the essence and meaning of Gaia…the spirit of mother earth; a product that not only nourishes and repairs the skin but nurtures your entire being.

The ethos behind the organic, chemical-free skin care range is Gaia’s desire to create something unique and authentic, a high quality holistic product that truly is certified organic in every way.



Plant Essences and Oils

Your body can only benefit from true organic plant essences and oils, as only those can be recognised by your skin, assimilate and create health and balance. True native actives, such as Kakadu Plum, Finger Lime, Davidson Plum, Flame Tree, White Cypress, Crown of Gold, and Australian Sandalwood have potent and powerful abilities to boost the skin with exceptional amounts of antioxidants, natural sun protection and skin preserving components which have been scientifically researched and proven. It only makes sense that native plants from this continent are also best to encapsulate to care for your skin and protect from this environment. Locally sourced organic Macadamia and Avocado Oil make up a large component and are besides Jojoba, Shea Butter and Rosehip deeply nourishing ingredients. Read more »

Organic Gluten Free Porridge

Our gluten free organic porridge is a favourite at Gaia, tasty and so simple to prepare. Ingredients: All Organic – Brown Rice, Millet, Pepitas, Quinoa, Amaranth, Linseeds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Macadamia Nuts.

Leather passport holder & baggage tag

A rugged luxury travel experience. Locally handmade tanned leather passport cover with matching baggage tag.

Namaste ceramic incense holder

Featured throughout Gaia this incense makes a wonderful gift or is perfect on the mantle piece.

Ceramic Oil Burner

Choose from Bronze or Charcoal. These ceramic oil burners will fill your home with a sweet scent of your choice and create an ambient light.

Gaia’s Preserved Organic Lemons or Limes

Preserved Meyer lemons can be used to add extra zest to your salads, targines or fish and chicken dishes. With a light hint of orange flavour and the tang of aromatic salt, it will add the magic to your dishes that will be the envy of friends. Remove the pith and add diced rind to your dishes. 500gm

Gaia’s Mango Chutney

Naturally organic, this mango chutney started with an old favourite recipe from Gregg’s grandmother and was adapted by the chef’s at Gaia. Great with chicken and meatloaf. 500gm

Gaia’s Wheat free Toasted Muesli

The Gaia toasted wheat free Muesli is a carefully selected blend of lightly toasted organic oats, dried fruits and nuts with a few little Gaia hidden gems. Each of the Gaia chefs have contributed to making this a very unique breakfast favourite. 750g.

Gaia’s NEW Gratitude Cookbook

Head Chef Dan Trewartha has completed the long awaited second Gaia cookbook ‘Gratitude’. His cooking skills and appreciation for organic foods and finer detail to flavouring is second to none.

Gaia’s Chilli Jam

Local native Davidson plum has a natural sourness contrasting with the sweetness of the caramelised chilli and onions, creating a delicious spicy sambal. Perfect with fish, chicken and cheeses. 190gm

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