Gaia Guest Testimonials

Leisel Jones

“When you escape the hustle and bustle of a major city and are welcomed into the luxurious space of Gaia, you know you are in Heaven. I walked into Gaia with hunched shoulders, talking too fast and my mind racing a million miles an hour. The minute I walked through the giant wooden doors, it is like the world disappears and you start to become a relaxed and blissed out human.

What I love about Gaia, is that you can choose just how much or how little you do. The morning yoga is my favourite activity but if you’re keen for exercise or a swim than that’s available also. Exercise or rest, it’s your choice.

The food is divine! It’s like a 3 michelin star restaurant without the guilt. I love that most of the food is locally grown or sourced nearby. This is where you need not feel guilty about eating dessert!

I have vowed to book myself in once a year as a treat to myself. I left feeling lighter, more centred and like I could breathe again. Gaia is an absolute must if you are feeling worn out or just want a healthy kick start.” Watch Leisel’s video testimonial

Leisel Jones
Former Olympic gold medallist – Swimming

Kerry Armstrong’s Gaia Experience

“I love it when I come to Gaia. It is incredibly restful, the food is beautiful and the treatments are the best, with open hearted therapists. I love this place!” Watch Kerry’s testimonial video HERE >>

Kerry Armstrong


Kate Waterhouse & Luke Ricketson’s Gaia Experience

“Luke and I had the most wonderful time at GAIA retreat. Our every need was looked after from the moment we started to plan our trip. Once we arrived, we felt so welcome and relaxed. The accommodation and food was outstanding. 

The Spa is world class, with so many amazing treatments on offer. One of our favourite elements was being able to experience their new ‘Retreatment’ skin care range. Each product is certified organic and was specifically designed to revitalise and replenish your skin. I felt noticeably more hydrated and nourished after using the products. 

We would definitely recommend this beautiful retreat and look forward to returning again soon.”

Kate Waterhouse &
TV Presenter & Journalist  

Luke Ricketson
Ex prof. NRL footballer 


Marcia Hines’s Gaia Experience

“I needed to get away and what an amazing place to get away to. The food, the treatments, the boxing, absolutely love it. I am sleeping better than I have in years. Do yourself a favour and come up to Gaia, seeing is believing. It’s just absolutely stunning.” Watch Marcia’s testimonial video HERE >>

Marcia Hines
Singer, Songwriter 


Deborah Hutton’s Gaia Experience

“Gaia is such an amazing sanctuary. It is the place I come to for relaxation, it’s a place that’s all about you. The staff are gorgeous, the food is fantastic and there is plenty of pamper time. Your body get’s this incredible break, it’s like taking a deep breath and you are ready to face the world again.” Watch Deborah’s testimonial video HERE >>

Deborah Hutton
Television Host, Editor, Charity Ambassador 


Jane Turner’s Gaia Experience

“I just spent three lovely days on my own at beautiful Gaia. They treated me like a queen. The food was extraordinary, the spa heavenly and the service impeccable and all the while looking out on the green hills misty in the warm, soft air. I now have my cookbook and my good intentions but I can’t wait to return to Gaia; a lovely window into the perfect life.”

Jane Turner
Actress & Comedian


Peter Alexander’s Gaia Experience

“Gaia – magical location, delicious cuisine, friendly staff and it’s so chilled out you could stay in pyjama’s the whole day – lucky I had some nice ones with me!”

Peter Alexander
Pyjama King


Andrew Ettingshausen’s Gaia Experience

“I love that Gaia is a choice retreat, not a boot camp, so you can do what you want when you want. I definitely recommend a stay at Gaia, you’re going to get magnificent treatments, you’ll be dealing with professionals in every area & the food is top class.” Watch Andrew’s testimonial video HERE >>

Andrew Ettingshausen
Former Rugby League star


Peter Morissey’s Gaia Experience

“Not only is Gaia a truly beautiful retreat with the best healers and therapists in Australia, but it also focuses on you as an individual and tailors your stay to suit your needs. It’s a perfect place to reconnect with nature and achnor your centre again.
Gaia’s greatest asset is the General Manager, Mr Gregg Cave, and his chosen staff. Gregg and his staff are the soul of Gaia and that soul is truly beautiful. As a business man I have worked in customer service for 30 years through my fashion business and I admire and applaud Gregg and his team for making my twin sister Elizabeth and my stay at Gaia such a loving, caring and soul-nourishing experience.”

Peter Morrissey
Fashion Designer


Deborah Thomas – Editor-in-Chief | Australian Women’s Weekly

“Gaia is a very special place, somewhere to escape the stresses of the everyday world and rebuild oneself from the inside out – spiritually, mentally and physically. The people are also very special as they seem to know intuitively what you need before you even ask. They are friendly, relaxed and well qualified to teach you anything from yoga to meditation, to how to cook, and properly feed your children and family. You can join in or opt out, it’s up to you. If you choose the latter make sure you visit the extraordinary spa for some of the best pampering treatments in the world or wander around the grounds and take in a view that seems to feed and soothe the soul. The food is also out of this world with gourmet meals that are actually good for you too. The only problem with Gaia is that you never want to leave.”

Deborah Thomas
Former Editor-In-Chief
Australian Womens Weekly


Kirien Withers | Spa Guru

“When I have to tuck myself away for a few days my thoughts turn to Gaia . The finding of sanctuary at Gaia is easy, if feels like home without any have-to’s. I appreciate the eco-chic comfort, the attention to detail and the heart-felt care. And most importantly – one is able to relax into a sense of privacy. The world is no longer watching, I have space to just be myself and be with myself whilst my needs and preferences are subtly and graciously met. Its a special place.”

Kirien Withers
Spa Guru


Jessica Morris

Watch Jessica’s testimonial on YouTube
“I feel such a deep connection to the place and it’s so beautiful, so I keep coming back!”

Jessica Morris


Terri Irwin | AM

‘I had the good fortune to visit Gaia Retreat and escape the pressures of life for a while. It was so much more than the most incredible spa treatment I have ever experienced, it was life changing. Not only will I be going back, I will be gifting my friends and family the opportunity to soothe their body and soul. Gaia offers the greatest variety of healing therapies that I have ever encountered. It’s truly Nirvana’

Terri Irwin AM


Richard Wilkins

“Gaia is the most peaceful place on the planet…and provides the ultimate environment to recharge the batteries…rediscover your soul…and refocus your life. It should be an annual experience!!!”

Richard Wilkins
TV Presenter & Entertainment Editor


Winsor Dobson | Food and Travel Writer

“WOW! What a fabulous couple of days. As I told you this afternoon, it has been a long while since I’ve enjoyed any visit as much as this one. I’ve arrived back in Sydney feeling wonderfully refreshed and energised. Thank you for putting together such an interesting, yet at the same time relaxing itinerary. Thanks to all the members of the team, the joy in their work was infectious. Thanks also to Todd for some fabulous food.”

Winsor Dobson
Food and Travel Writer


Delta Goodrem

“When life moves so fast and with communications being so accessible to work, for me, just finding the time to connect back to your mind, body and soul to nourish and heal from the fast pace is so important. Personally that’s when I feel I can be my most creative again. To find a sanctuary, a place you can completely give into the surroundings where it feels peaceful and warm amongst the stars, next to the trees is so special. I had a magical time at Gaia, a place on earth you feel free to be you and to connect back to the universe. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and the people are so friendly and charming, you won’t want to leave! Very importantly if I where you, don’t even think about skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner- it’s too good to miss.”

Delta Goodrem
AU singer-songwriter & actress


John Fitzgerald

“We recently held our annual Executive Retreat at your facility and found it to be a truly fantastic and relaxing environment. As a result, our retreat was amazingly productive. All your staff were great and so positive, and the spa was a real indulgence that everyone really appreciated. Congratulations on such a unique facility and we hope to come again before too long.”

John Fitzgerald
JLF Corporation


Richard Bryant

“Thank you very much for allowing us to book Gaia Retreat & Spa for our Global Marketing Conference. From the moment we contacted you and worked through our requirements with your staff, the professionalism shown was exemplary. Every aspect of our stay from the transfers, the meals, the treatments, the set-up and our agenda was managed proficiently to ensure a successful conference. It has been a conference we’ll all remember and it has changed so many of us in such a positive way. So a very big thank you to you and everyone at Gaia for making our stay so memorable and such a success. We can’t wait to visit you all again!”

Richard Bryant
Global Brand Manager
Methven Limited


Karen Knowles

“I’ve been to many luxury hotels before but none that combine luxury, health and spirit that touches you like Gaia does. As one of the other guests mentioned to me, “I’ve just texted my family back home to let them know I’m in paradise!” – it is truly a gentle slice of heaven. What they have created at Gaia is a homage to the beauty of nature. The created environment is so in tune with the incredible landscape and powerful energy alive in this magical area of Australia, it makes you sigh with relief. Walking in the room felt like entering a cocoon where the body melts into a time for softness and oneness with self. The harmony of colors and textures in the space gives a gentle reminder of our oneness with the beauty of the life-filled natural environment outside. We all need our little hole where we can become whole – Gaia provides that nurturing cocoon by sharing and celebrating the earth’s gifts. Being there nurtured by the space and the skill and space the talented natural therapists hold, we are gently reminded of our gratitude for our link to the whole of nature and the beauty for which we are all custodians.”

Karen Knowles
Entertainer/ Writer