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Gaia Day Spa Treatments

Gaia Day Spa Treatments


Relaxation / Swedish 90min A relaxing and nurturing full body massage working on the superficial layers of the muscles. Designed to calm the nervous system and soothe the soul.

Deep Tissue 90min A firm to strong therapeutic massage working on the deeper layers of the muscles to ease tension & tightness. Various techniques can be used including sports massage, trigger point therapy, remedial therapy and myofacial release.

Thai / Shiatsu Massage 90min Performed on futon on floor. Guest wears loose comfortable clothing. Works on balancing the left & right sides of the body. Using pressure points to release energy through the meridians with gentle stretching techniques also applied.

Ayurvedic Massage 90min An ancient Indian massage style with a rhythmical and stimulating technique to free the body and mind of toxins to promote health and wellbeing.

Pregnancy Massage 90min Tailored to suit second and third trimesters. A firm and nurturing massage to benefit both Mother and baby.

Specialised Gaia Massages

Kahuna 90 / 120min A combination of movement, dance, rhythm, breath, energy and massage. By using long, flowing movements to the pulse of music – your therapist creates a fluid and magical massage. A spiritually healing experience that words cannot aptly describe. Two forms of Kahuna are available, the Classic Kahuna style treatment and the Royal Kahuna, which only differ in length and intensity.

Hot Rocks 90min A beautiful, nurturing treatment using smooth, warmed basalt stones to massage the entire body. Both hand movements and rocks are used to rejuvenate tired muscles and create a deep, grounding sense of relaxation. This treatment can be booked as relaxing or deep tissue.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) 90 / 120min LDM uses superficial massage strokes to move fluid out of body tissues and into the lymphatic system. LDM mimics the lymphatic system, employing repetitive strokes at a precise speed, rhythm, and pressure.

Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the detoxification process and greatly enhances the immune system function. It is extremely effective in treating Lymphedema (accumulation of fluid in soft tissues), which is often a result of surgery or cancer treatment. It brings about a profound relaxation, reduces muscle tension, detoxes the body and helps with weight loss. It is an effective tool in pain management and is deeply comforting.

4 Hands Massage 60min Two therapists massaging together allows the mind to switch off and the body to fully surrender. This is a firm and deeply relaxing full body massage experience.

Reflexology 60 / 90min Using massage and pressure points on the feet the practitioner can work on the organs and meridians in the body to ease pain and discomfort creating an all over feeling of wellbeing. This is a very grounding and holistic experience.


There are several different facial styles mentioned on the Spa Menu for both men and women. Generally, all facials are either 60 or 90 minutes in which the therapist will assess the guest’s skin, discuss any concerns the guest has and devise a facial especially for their needs. We use Certified Organic Retreatment and Sodashi product ranges.

Retreatment  Facials – using their own Certified Organic Skincare The Retreatment brand range encapsulates the healing nature of the land truly reflecting the essence and meaning of Gaia…the spirit of mother earth; a product that not only nourishes and repairs the skin but also nurtures your entire being.

The ethos behind the organic, chemical-free skin care range is Gaia’s desire to create something unique and authentic, a high quality holistic product that truly is certified organic in every way.

Purifying Facial  60min A gentle cleansing treatment for sensitive and inflamed skin. A Steam along with a soothing masque.

Rebalancing Facial  60min A deep cleansing treatment for all skin types. Exfoliating masque, steam, lymphatic massage and rehydration gel masque. Foot ritual also included.

Revitalising Facial 90min Complete facial focusing on hydrating and invigorating the skin. Gentle cleanse, connective tissue massage and rejuvenating masque.

Nourishing Facial 90min This facial is designed for sensitive to mature skin. A gentle exfoliation, connective tissue massage and rejuvenating masque. Foot ritual and invigorating arm treatment included. 

Signature Restore Facial Package 120min This ultimate Facial package is personalised to your needs. It includes a complete tailored facial treatment to replenish and regenerate your skin, foot ritual, hand and arm massage and a heat infusing back treatment.

Man Retreat Facial 120min Designed for the male skins needs, this facial has been created to cleanse and hydrate as well as soothe the often (oily but) sensitive complexion. An exfoliating back treatment and extended head and and neck massage included.

Sodashi – Skin Care 90min Sodashi means wholeness, purity and radiance in Sanskrit. Sodashi is an Australian owned chemical-free skin care range created as nature intended. Using only the finest ethically sourced essential oils and plant actives to visibly heal and nurture, Sodashi dramatically regenerates the skin whilst infusing a deep sense of wellbeing to spirit and mind.

Thermal Indulgence 120min This is the crème-de-la-crème of facials! Once again, this treatment is specifically designed for the guest’s needs. The Thermal masque is a hardening masque that heats to 37°C which help to infuse the products into the skin working on the fine lines and even colouration of the skin.

Gaia Signature Steam Room Body Polishes

Performed in our Gaia Signature Steam Room – gentle steam helps to soften the skin, open the pores, draw out impurities and re-hydrate the skin leaving you feeling relaxed with smooth skin. Product is prepared fresh from raw ingredients to suit your individual needs. Exfoliation of the skin gently removes the top layer of dead skin, stimulates the circulation and assists the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins whilst rejuvenating the skin.

Choose from a wide range of Body Polishes from sea salt or bamboo to sugar or coffee polishes plus more, everything can be found on our Spa Menu HERE.

Body Masques

Body Masque 60min Commencing with a dry body brush, the masque is applied and the guest is cocooned in muslin cloth to allow the masque to penetrate the skin. A hot oil scalp massage is performed during this time.

Choose from a range of Body Masques and side dishes from French Clay or Cocoa Butter to Boreh and Aloe plus more, everything can be found on our Spa Menu HERE.

Hands & Feet

Manicure or Pedicure 60min  These treatments include a warmed foot bath, exfoliation, file, buff,cuticle care, masque, massage and polish.

Manicure or Pedicure w/ Paraffin 90min These treatments include a warming foot soak, exfoliation, file, buff, cuticle care, masque, massage, paraffin wax treatment and polish. This is great for really re-hydrating and softening the hands and feet.

Scalp Treatments

Hot Macadamia Oil Treatment 30min Warmed, Vitamin enriched oil massaged through the scalp. This is great for headaches and busy minds and is very relaxing and nurturing.

Mud Scalp Hair Treatment 30min Specifically designed for the scalp and hair follicle and is massaged through the scalp & hair. Nice & relaxing and will leave the hair soft & silky smooth.

Indian Marma Head Massage 30min A seated massage using dark sesame oil. This treatment works on the Marma points (pressure) of the scalp and the nervous system leaving you relaxed and meditative.

Shirodhara 60min Deeply meditative and relaxing. This treatment involves the gentle pouring of dark, warmed, sesame oil onto the third eye working on the nervous system of the face, neck & head. Sesame seed oil is very restorative to the nervous system and leaves you feeling centred and calm.

Steam Room

Therapeutic Steam (incl. Hair and Face mask) 30min Performed in our Gaia Signature Steam Room – gentle steam helps to open the pores, draw out impurities and re-hydrate the skin leaving you feeling relaxed with smooth skin.


Beautifully secluded in our outdoor terrace or Sacred Garden complimented by a fruit plate and herbal tea.

Epsom Salts & Essential Oils 30min Great for sore and aching muscles, this bath is blended with essential oils and Epsom salts.

Cleopatra 30min Beautiful and feminine, for a delightful nourishing experience with milk, Epsom salts & Rose petals. 


Waxing / Tinting All waxing and tinting for both men and women are catered for by our professional team of therapists. Refer to our Spa Menu for more details.

Complimentary Medicine

Naturopathic Consultation 90min The aim of Naturopathy, the science of natural medicine, at Gaia is to address your individual body system and any health issues you may have to help achieve your optimal health and wellbeing. This may have positive health outcomes such as increased energy levels and vitality, improved quality of life and assist with elimination and prevention of illness and disease. At Gaia integrative complimentary medicine is used to support your current treatment plans or to help you design a treatment plan to suit your health needs. 

Craniosacral Balancing 90min Wearing loose, comfortable clothing. This is a very subtle therapy and works on a deeper level. The therapist will be gently working on the hips, spine and cranium to align their movements in order to allow the cranio-sacral fluid to glide through the spine. These are very delicate movements. Great for the lower back, neck & head tensions.

Acupuncture 90min Can assist with a broad range of issues and involves the insertion of very fine sterilized needles, disposable and never reused, into the body surface at strategic points to generate and stimulate the flow of Qi (life force/energy) and blood. It can balance the body in times of emotional or physical stress; boosts the immune system and can assist with muscular skeletal problems.

Cupping 60 / 90min Entails the use of glass cups that have had all the air removed from the inside in order to cause suction on the skins surface. This is a strong technique to promote the free flow of Qi and Blood with the cups used in stationary positions or with gliding movements. Virtually painless, however this treatment will cause bruising marks to the skin. This treatment is great for those with back and shoulder tension and who enjoy deeper work.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture 90min A therapeutic treatment designed to stimulate collagen and elastin within the skin promoting a firm, youthful glow. Tiny acupuncture needles are placed at crucial locations in the face invigorating the flow of Qi (life force/energy), blood and body fluids directly into the underlying areas. The enhanced circulation leads to increased nutrients & oxygen supply to the cells stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. Chinese Medicine is a holistic therapy & recognises that a radiant complexion is dependent upon a healthy body and mind – with this in mind, acupuncture points addressing each individual’s underlying disharmonies are incorporated into the treatment plan.

Energetic Healings

Reiki 90min A hands on healing therapy with a goal to improve the flow of energy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Energetic Facial Release & Kidney cell Boost 90min We store on our faces what we emotionally feel and this can be “seen” as a reflection of what is going on in our bodies. Through the gentle touch and massage of the face we can address some of these stored emotions, which can include sadness, pain, hurt, negativity, depression, anger, frustration, rejection, denial, grief, unshed tears and bitterness. This is a powerful yet gentle transformational healing technique to help release what we hold onto tightly in the body to create a safe sense of awareness and wellbeing.

The kidney cells are the storehouse for our vital life force – they are like the batteries for the body! When kidney cell energy is depleted we experience many emotional conditions such as depression, mood swings & sadness as well as lack of expression, creativity, clarity & sense of purpose. This treatment is a hands-on healing session and is essential for those who are feeling overwhelmed, tired and exhausted.

Esoteric Breast Massage 90min The breasts are the nurturing centres of the woman’s body. As the breasts are directly connected to the pubic bone chakra, which is aligned to the ovaries, the sacred technique of Esoteric Breast Massage assists to heal many issues such as painful periods, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, bloating/water retention and pre-menstrual & menopausal symptoms. See the amazing results & the deeply revealing discoveries about yourself through the release of what is held in your nurturing centre. Gaia Day Spa is the only retreat in the world, which offers this truly empowering and restorative treatment.

Esoteric Healing or Massage 90min Esoteric healing or massage is a deeply “stilling” and healing experience reaching far beyond the “relaxation” effect.
Utilising either hands-on healing techniques or gentle massage movements, this healing session combines essential oils, cream, olive oil and the warmth of pillows to bring healing to the respiratory, vascular, nervous, digestive and endocrine systems. – a totally different experience …

Gaia Guidance

Meditation 60min Learning to meditate can be difficult for some, so our aim is to give you techniques to assist to still your mind, tune into inspiration and guidance to reach a place of deep, replenishing relaxation. Techniques may include visualisation, breathing exercises, music, sound and guided meditation. Tailor made to suit the guest’s needs, one-on-one or couples, as needed.

Counselling 90min Tailored to suit the guest’s needs.

Australian Bush flower consultation Tailored to suit the guest’s needs.

Hypnotherapy 90min Hypnotherapy uses Hypnosis to induce a deep state of relaxation, during which our sub or unconscious minds are highly receptive to new perspectives and ideas. A great emotional support or for those needing assistance with addictions. With a qualified Hypnotherapist on request.

Kinesiology 90min Kinesiology is a holistic, natural health therapy that aims to balance the whole person. Through the gentle muscle testing (bio feedback), a Kinesiologist taps into your own inner wisdom to determine imbalances or blockages relating to stress, nutritional sensitivities or deficiencies, injuries, pain, learning difficulties and energy. It is safe and gentle for adults, children and the elderly.

Astrology 90min For these sessions, the date of birth, time of birth (as accurate as possible) and place of birth is required. These sessions can be tailor made to deal with specific issues or a general overview. Compatibility charts also available for couples or friends.

Sound Healing Meditation

Sound Healing Meditation 90min The Sound Healing Meditation combines chimes, Tibetan bowls, flutes and overtone chanting. During a session participants are invited to lie down and are immersed in vibrations created by these special instruments. Throughout the “Shower” different instruments are carried around the room and sometimes placed physically on the body of participants. Flutes and voice are used to create a magical musical journey and overtones charge the brain and energize. The Sound Healing Meditation re-aligns and harmonizes various bodily frequencies and is a very relaxing and refreshing experience. It releases stress and anxiety increasing focus clarity and insight.

Download Spa Menu HERE

Spa Packages

Gaia Goddess/ Gaia Man

A Journey of Complete Surrender

Evoke your senses with this ultimate dedication that begins with a body polish of your choice in the steam room to invigorate and bring a renewed sense of self. Be seduced and nurtured with a cocooning body masque, the choice is yours, drift away with a warm oil scalp massage melting into a full body massage knowing there’s nothing else to do. A specially designed facial to dissolve tensions and nourish your skin will be graced with a foot and hand pampering. An offering of herbal tea will give you the time…just to reflect…

Dreamtime Travel

Capture the Spirit Within

Go straight to the heart of your Australian native beat with a Lemon Myrtle and Wattle seed body polish. The steam will draw out any impurities and cleanse you from within. Sink into your centre with a deeply purifying and regenerating all over Australian Desert Clay masque, to ground and soothe. Gently awaken to the scents of a Sweet Orange full body massage that is centering, grounding and enlivening. – Single or Couple

Detox Deluxe

Cleanse, Rebalance and Restore

This detoxifying package begins in the steam room with an organic Dead Sea Salt polish with Green Tea and Minerals to stimulate the lymphatic system, draw out impurities and begin the detoxifying process. Wrapped in a Purifying cocoon of Minerals, this body masque will stimulate the Liver, Kidneys, Gall Bladder and Lymphatic in preparation for a specifically designed massage to flush the body clear of toxins. – Single or Couple

Hinterland Adventure

Bask in the Organics of Byron Bay

This ritualistic adventure begins with a massage and body palming to melt and soothe away all your troubles. We then apply an exquisite mud scalp rejuvenation to condition your hair and scalp. This is followed by one of the finest textures in body polishes, combining Hibiscus, Turmeric and Jasmine to reward your skin with a satin finish. Slip into a warm Rose petal and coconut milk bath to soak away the old and renew the senses. Emerge and be greeted by a rich all over body moisturiser. You will never feel the same again. – Single or Couple

Byron Bay Dream

Come take my hand

Enjoy the fragrant scent of our sugar sweet all over body polish leaving your skin feeling tingling and fresh. Then steam away in the tropics of our steam room and forget about life for a while. Escape to an Island of swaying palms as you are enveloped in a Cocoa butter body masque, followed by a hot oil scalp massage. This stunning dream treatment is completed with a full body flowing style massage and a replenishing exotic fruit cocktail. – Single or Couple

Signature Retreatment Restore Facial

Replenish and Regenerate with Certified Organics

This ultimate Facial package using our own certified Organic Retreatment skin care range packed with an abundance of Australian natives. Personalised to your needs, this Gaia Signature Package includes a complete tailored facial treatment to replenish and regenerate your skin. Add our foot ritual, hand and arm massage with a heat infusing back treatment to top it all off.

Ayuvedic Package

A natural touch of India

A traditional glimpse at the healing modalities of Ayurveda. Your experience begins with a Abyanga oil massage to release muscle tension and bring harmony and connection to the body. Once the mind has settled we begin with the Shirodhara, medicinal oil poured therapeutically over the third eye to create calm and restore the nervous system. A body polish with medicated oil to cleanse the body of toxins completes this healing journey. 

Pregnancy Pamper

Mother to be

For the Mother to be. Begin this nurturing journey with a ritualistic foot soak and scrub. Allow the tension to be released from your body with a nourishing massage using local organic Macadamia oil rich in essential fatty acids. The experience continues with a stress releasing scalp massage and hair masque.

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Treatments Video

Spa Etiquette

So that you may completely surrender to your Spa Experience, see following a few points that may enhance your journey:


Your treatment has been especially reserved for you, so please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Should you be travelling from Queensland, please consider the one hour time difference during day light savings.


For the relaxation, enjoyment and privacy of all our guests, mobile phones and other electro are not permitted. We also ask that you speak quietly during your time at the Spa. Please bring your swim wear and enjoy some time by the pool, have a sauna or relax with a Spa.

Book Spa treatments in advance

We highly recommend you book Spa treatments and any additional activities in advance prior to your arrival. This will ensure time is allocated and you don’t miss out. Our Day Spa managers will contact you prior to arriving to discuss your requests.

If you have any further Spa queries, contact the Gaia Day Spa direct via Ph: (02) 66 871 670 or email [email protected]

Spa Cuisine

Gaia Retreat & Spa Restaurant is not open to the public but if you are coming in for a treatment as a day guest you are able to pre-book and enjoy lunch or dinner at our Kukura House Restaurant. This is the perfect way to complete and nourish your Gaia visit and make it a joint experience with friends or family.

Please note: Bookings are essential. Inform the Day Spa to add a lunch or dinner booking to your treatment, call Ph: (02) 66 871 670 or email [email protected]


For your comfort, a robe and slippers will be provided. There is also a locker for your personal belongings.

Health Matters

Please inform us of any health related issues you may have at the time of booking. Conditions we need to know about include (but are not limited to) things like: high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies and pregnancy. If you are unsure whether something might be important, please discuss this with Spa staff. Also, the consumption of alcohol before, during or immediately after Spa treatments is not recommended.


Cancellation Policy

As treatments are tailored to your needs, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations, or the full treatment fee will be charged.

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