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One on One

Personalised Additional Sessions


Personal Fitness Training
60min – $125 / 90min – $165

One on one personal training with our qualified instructors will take you to the next level of your fitness journey. They will provide clarity around your fitness goals, giving you a series of exercises within the context of your strengths and weaknesses to meet these challenges. You will receive advice on cardio, resistance and flexibility with guidance in correct technique to avoid injury. Our team are there with fitness and nutritional guidelines to assist you with weight control and to develop an exercise regime with the right motivation to keep you moving forward.

Personal Pilates
60min – $125 / 90min – $165

Our instructor teaches Pilates utilising principles of how to attain and maintain a healthy spine for your entire life at whatever age. The classes are for all ages and body types and are stimulating and educational for both the body and the mind.


Personal Yoga / Pranayama 
60min – $125 / 90min – $165

Experience a greater sense of wellbeing. Yoga will facilitate a connection to your inner most nature. The practice of yoga will awaken your inner potential and bring about a transformation of your whole being, by incorporating the focus of your mind, body and spirit. In a short period of time, you will see improvement in your physical body, nervous system and mind. We embrace all levels and capabilities from the very beginner, to the advanced Yogi.


Tennis Coaching
60min – $125

Improve your tennis technique with professional on-site coaching or simply enjoy a professional game with your own private coach.


60min – $125 / 90min – $165

Learning to meditate can be difficult for some, so our aim is to give you techniques to assist to still your mind, tune into inspiration and guidance to reach a place of deep, replenishing relaxation. Techniques may include visualisation, breathing exercises, music, sound and guided meditation. Tailor made to suit the guest’s needs, one-on-one or couples, as needed.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong 
60min – $125

Discover the subtle but powerful movement of Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese healing and meditation art form. Qi Gong is a unique practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise.


Art Therapy
60min – $145

Discover the artist within and allow the creative process to unravel through private Art Therapy classes. You simply might want to learn some new skills from an experienced professional artist or express yourself in a fresh new creative way (no prior experience required). Expressing yourself through art can be meditative, therapeutic and can sometimes bring about healing and release.

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