Focus Add Ons

Your path to healthy living - Focus Add Ons create a tailored platform for you to choose a specialised experience to recharge your healthy lifestyle, learn a new practice, work on your body shape or simply deepen your mindful awareness. The choice is yours.


Detox & Cleanse

Minimum 5 Night Stay

The benefits of detoxing and cleansing your body from the inside out can do a lot more than simply improve your digestion and remove unhealthy toxins. It literally can make you feel more vital, alive and energised with sparkling eyes, glowing skin and a happier zest for life.

Toxins are everywhere, regardless of how healthy our lifestyles and diets are. Our bodies are constantly dealing with toxins and waste products from both the external environment and our body’s own internal processes. Heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, plastics, drugs, pollution and food additives are all in the air, water and food that we ingest. They can easily build up in our system creating health problems such as weight gain, headaches, dull skin, fatigue, lowered immunity and sluggish energy.

The Gaia Detox Focus Program assists your body to naturally detoxify and cleanse by reducing the waste build-up from within the cells, organs, blood, lymphatic and skin systems. Your program will be personally created for you with a comprehensive Naturopathic Assessment, considering your current state of wellbeing, any health challenges you may have, your lifestyle and your goals.

This Gaia stepping stone will pave the way for your enhanced healthier lifestyle balance.

Your Detox Focus Package Includes:

  • Your complimentary Comprehensive Naturopathic Health Assessment will be upgraded to 1.5 hrs focusing on cleansing recommendations with detailed Treatment, Diet and Nutrition Guidelines.
  • A personally tailored Cleanse & Detox Diet will be programmed for all of your meals at Gaia (don’t worry they will still be delicious).
  • Choose from two x 1 hr personal Walk, Stretch & Breathe, or Yoga sessions with a Gaia Wellness or Yoga Coach to assist your body with toxin removal.
  • A 2 hr Detox Spa Package will include a Green Clay Mineral Masque to draw off the toxin load and a Lymphatic Style Massage to stimulate your lymphatic system and direct elimination.
  • A Naturopathic ½ hr Consultation will review your experience and recommend your home plan for gaining the most long-lasting benefits from your Retreat.

Detox Focus cost: $540 (Minimum 5 Night Stay)

* Please note: our Detox Focus add-on is a Lifestyle Detox and not suitable for anyone needing to Detox from Alcohol or other Addictive Substances.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss & Lifestyle

Minimum 5 Night Stay

Weight loss, fat reduction and body shaping is very much about lifestyle management. Achieve greater wellbeing and self-confidence by taking control and feeling the empowerment.

To ensure that your body achieves and maintains its optimal weight and preferred shape it needs: the right balance of wholesome nutrition for your body type and lifestyle; the effective regular removal of internal metabolic waste to prevent an unhealthy build-up and correct a slow metabolism; regular quality movement specific to your body type and lifestyle needs and a healthy, consistent stress management plan to protect the endocrine system and hormonal functioning from stress disruptors.

Gaia’s Weight Loss Focus Program helps to address all of these components empowering you to take control of achieving and managing your own optimal body shape and weight.

With your body in a healthy weight balance you will have more vital energy for life, are able to overcome niggling health problems, enjoy your preferred fitness pursuits and active leisure time as well as generally have more joy in knowing you are looking and feeling your personal best. Remember it starts with you.

Your Weight Loss FOCUS Package Includes:

  • Your complimentary Comprehensive Naturopathic Health Assessment will be upgraded to 1.5 hrs focusing on your body shape goals and recommendations with detailed Treatment, Nutrition and Exercise Guidelines.
  • Guidance toward a personalised Healthy Eating Plan for you to follow whilst at Gaia and continue at home.
  • A 1 hr Structural Analysis & Fitness Assessment will inform your personally tailored activity schedule with a Gaia Fitness and Wellness Coach.
  • Two x 1 hr sessions with a Gaia Wellness Coach will teach you the Power of Breath and the Metabolic Igniter, enabling you to fire up your metabolic rate simply and easily.
  • A 1 hr Lymphatic Massage Spa Treatment will activate your lymphatic system for waste removal and effective functioning.
  • A Naturopathic ½ hr Consultation will review your experience and recommend your home plan for gaining the most long-lasting benefits from your retreat.

Weight Loss Focus cost: $540 (Minimum 5 Night Stay)


Fitness & Vitality

Minimum 5 Night Stay

Whether you are an exercise beginner ready to embark on a fitness regime or a professional athlete seeking private coaching time, Gaia’s highly experienced personal trainers and wellness coaches are looking forward to working closely with you to personalise your Fitness Focus Program.

To enjoy life, or sports, with abundant energy and physical comfort being fit is a non-negotiable. Following a comprehensive Body Analysis & Fitness Assessment, Gaia’s highly experienced Personal Trainers and Wellness Coaches will design a safe and progressive fitness enhancement program to suit your personal level of fitness, lifestyle and goals.

All four types of exercise for endurance, strength, flexibility and balance, enhanced by breath coaching, focused purposeful movement and mindfulness, will be integrated into a powerful and functional personalised program.

Let personal fitness coaching enhance the benefits of your stay at Gaia.

Your Fitness FOCUS Package Includes:

  • A 1 hr Comprehensive Analysis & Fitness Assessment by a Gaia’s Fitness and Wellness Coach will inform your personally tailored activity schedule.
  • Three x 1 hr private Integrated Functional Training Sessions with a Gaia Personal Trainer will focus on identifying and activating your key motivators to inspire your Fitness practice.
  • A 1 hr Body Masque designed to relax and soothe the muscles.
  • A Naturopathic ½ hr Consultation will review your experience and recommend your home plan for gaining the most long-lasting benefits from your Retreat.

Fitness Focus cost: $580 (Minimum 5 Night Stay)


Yoga & Pilates

Minimum 5 Night Stay

Yoga has become Australia’s fastest-growing fitness activity for many good reasons, reaching far beyond the physical exercise benefits. The list of general health, emotional and mental benefits gained from regular Yoga practice is extensive. Yoga’s core physical benefits alone include flexibility, strength, improved bone density, muscle tone, joint and spine health as well as enhanced blood and lymphatic circulation.

New studies are regularly revealing a growing array of positive effects particularly in the areas of high blood pressure, diabetes, pain management, weight loss and support for the immune system. Add improved coordination and memory, better sleep and a calm disposition, we can understand why Yoga is so popular and highly regarded.

Whether you are brand new to the concept of Yoga, just developing your technique or a seasoned practitioner, Gaia’s highly experienced Yoga teachers can develop a program perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Within Gaia’s Yoga Focus Program, you will be skilfully guided and supported by Gaia’s renown Yoga Teachers to begin or deepen your practice in classes or at home. Their abundant knowledge will ensure your personalised program is enjoyable and highly informative, whilst expertly developing your skills.

Add Pilates? Initially adapted from yoga techniques to assist athletes and dancers to rehabilitate after injury, Pilates is now adopted world-wide as a powerful, safe exercise approach to balance muscle groups and develop core strength. Core strength and flexibility helps protect our muscles, spine and joints toward keeping us fit, strong and capable for our favourite active pursuits and daily life.

The Yoga Focus Program includes the option to integrate Pilates into your practice with an individually designed floor training program in Pilates postures and movements ideally tailored for your personal experience, fitness and goals.

Your Yoga, or Yoga with Pilates FOCUS Package Includes:

  • Four x 1 hr private Yoga training sessions with Gaia’s Yoga Teachers, including learning Pranayama: correct yogic breathing, will ensure a secure practice for you to continue at home.
  • The option to choose Pilates training sessions in place of one or two of your Yoga sessions.
  • A deeply, restorative and calming 1 hr Shirodhara treatment to further relax your nervous system.

Yoga with Pilates Focus cost: $580 (Minimum 5 Night Stay)


Mindfulness & Meditation

Minimum 5 Night Stay

Modern science has now proven that Mindfulness and Meditation can make a major difference in the way that we experience stress.

For millennia, the focussed have utilised these ancient techniques to respond to the challenges of life with maximum clarity, effectiveness and calm. Now understood by science and able to be communicated in simple, modern terms, Mindfulness and Meditation practices allow us to reduce our negative stress responses and build a healthy, ideally responsive nervous system.

Learn Conscious Breathing, Purposeful Movement, Mindfulness, and Meditation with our highly trained team of wellness coaches, movement facilitators and health practitioners and learn how to integrate these powerful practices into your your daily lifestyle, or training regime, most effectively.

With particular attention on exploring daily stress reduction and management techniques, Gaia’s Mindfulness FOCUS Program aims to empower your mental and emotional strength for a calmer, happier and more well-balanced daily experience. All practices are tailored to your individual needs and goals and are delivered in private one-on-one sessions.

Your Mindfulness FOCUS Package Includes:

  • A 1 hr private Power of Breath & Movement Session with a Gaia Wellness Coach.
  • Coaching in a 1 hr private Meditation Session.
  • A 1 hr private Yoga or Pilates Session with a Gaia Yoga or Pilates Coach.
  • A Crystal Journey Spa Treatment over 1.5 hrs to enhance the stabilising of your energy and nervous system.

Mindfulness Focus cost: $560 (Minimum 5 Night Stay)